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If you're ordering, you may upload your files at anytime by clIcking the upload tab in the menu bar above.

Mastering is the final post-production process your music goes through before retail release.  It ensures that your song is sonically pleasing, technically correct, and properly formatted for manufacturing, duplication and digital distribution. The process mainly ensures that your song or project exhibits consistent and correct imaging, tonal frequency balance, loudness, and has an overall "polished and finished" retail-ready sound that is comparable with your current genre's chart-toppers.  However, a good mix-down from you is essential.  The better the mix that you submit, the better the mastering will be. Provided a good mix, we can make this happen.  Basically, mastering is the process of taking your mix-down and making it technically correct and ready for retail..  


We have garnered several Billboard Chart and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awards for our mastering services. Our list consists of many independent and major entities that have entrusted their projects to his engineering ear.  The results have been as good as gold....platinum, even.


There are only two steps to getting your song mastered: (1) Select your mastering package and buy (2) Use our uploader to upload your files to us.  The upload tab is located in the menu bar. 

Song Mastering

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